Quale serratura scegliere per le porte l’esterno? Una guida alla sicurezza

External doors are the first to take care of for better security in your home because they are the first barrier against burglary. Which lock to choose to protect our spaces? It depends on the level of security sought and the system that closes it, here is a small guide.

Door locks

There is a good variety of locks to choose from for locking your doors depending on the level of security you are looking for. In short, the locks on which you will find yourself choosing are divided into:

  • Mortise locks
  • Locks to apply
  • Door locks

Here they are in detail

Mortise locks

Mortise lock with latch and safety lock

Patent-type mortise locks (normal or with European profile) are the least secure to apply to an external door. They are mostly used for interior doors of homes and offices because they are easy to break into. Strongly avoid this type of lock when good security is needed.

The situation for an armored mortise lock is very different, in this case the security is very high and it is recommended for an entrance door, but they are usually included in armored doors. In case of replacement, you should call a technician so as not to make a mistake in the choice and application.

Locks to apply

Rim locks are the best solution for improving the security of already installed doors. In this case it is important to apply the lock very solidly to avoid burglary, even with welding where possible.

Wally armored lock to apply The best solution for good security is always to choose armored solutions: the ferroglietti can be vulnerable if they are not applied scrupulously.

These locks complement a latch system that allows you to lock and unlock the door easily when you don't want to lock it. Furthermore, it is not immediate to be able to open it remotely or without a key. For this, specific locks have been developed for the front doors.

Door locks

Electric door lock to apply

The door locks can be applied at any time and are ideal for having a good level of external security and ease of use for the interior. The best models, in fact, have automatic internal, electric and manual opening systems.

These models have a latch, to close simply by pulling the door, and an ad hoc system to be able to lock it.

Locks classified by security level

Which lock to choose? It depends on the level of security you are looking for for the door you want to lock, here are the locks sorted by security level:

  1. Armored lock to insert
  2. Armored lock to apply
  3. Door lock to apply
  4. Ferroglietti
  5. License locks to insert

It is good to remember that calling a professional is always a good practice to apply the lock in the best way and have the best possible degree of safety.