Cos'è un ferroglietto e quando usarlo

What is a ferrous note and when to use it

The ferroglietto is one of the main solutions used as a lock to be applied to doors. Although in its economic versions it does not guarantee high security, with some expedients it is possible to obtain good security with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Technical characteristics of the ferroglietto

The ferroglietto is a lock to apply that can be used inside both wooden and iron doors. The characteristic of these locks is the presence of a metal bar that fits into the body of the lock to block entry from the outside.

On the outside of the box there is an internal knob that allows the door to be opened easily from the inside, while the key is used from the outside.

The ferroglietti can be either with the built-in latch or without. In the first case the door will close without the need to close the safety bar, in the second case it will be necessary to remember to close the bar, or the door will remain open.

On which doors is the iron-on lock applied?

The turret lock can be used on the main materials used for doors. With wood, it will need to be screwed on, which makes it more prone to burglary. If the door is made of iron, the lock can be welded. This guarantees greater safety, but not all ferroglietti allow this: the thickness of the plate is very important to guarantee this type of treatment.

The advice we give is to use this type of lock on doors that don't need a high security system and that don't seek refined aesthetics inside. Examples of environments in which to apply the turret lock are basements, small warehouses or external doors.

Some precautions for the safety of the locks

In designing the locks Wally has learned, with almost a century of experience, to design locks with the maximum possible security linked to the model. In the case of ferroglietti, it is always necessary to check that the case is not made of inferior materials or thin sheet metal: in this case the lock would be subject to punctures which would undermine its safety.

Another component to pay attention to is the internal knob: this can be reached to open the door from the outside. In this case it is advisable to block the bar from the inside so that it cannot be moved.

The built-in latch offers a higher level of security. Not only does it allow you to close the door by pulling it close, but it offers a further obstacle to overcome in the event of an attempted break-in.

Wally and security

All Wally ferroglietti are designed and built with the best safety standards. We recommend this type of lock when you are not looking for a top-of-the-range solution, but one that offers a good level of security at affordable prices.

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