Because Wally locks

Wally takes its first steps with the production of cylinders and safety locks since 1925.

Present on foreign markets since the 1950s, today the company is a symbol of RELIABILITY and PROFESSIONALISM .

An Italian excellence that boasts a constantly evolving history.

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Quale serratura scegliere per le porte l’esterno? Una guida alla sicurezza

Which lock to choose for the doors on the outside? A guide to safety

External doors are the first to take care of for better security in your home because they are the first barrier against burglary. Which lock to c...
Cos'è un ferroglietto e quando usarlo

What is a ferrous note and when to use it

Choosing a lock is never easy. In this article we explain when to use a ferroglietto and what precautions to take to increase its safety.
Com’è fatto un lucchetto? Tutto quello che devi sapere sulla struttura in 5 semplici passi

How is a padlock made? All you need to know about the structure in 5 simple steps

From an early age you protect the things you care about with padlocks , but you don't know anything about the tool you use. A padlock is a precisi...